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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2014 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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for it. that's it. >> many of these involved targeted informant led stings. >> to them, everyone in the muslim community is a potential informant or a potential terrorist. >> brazil's president, dilma rousseff, celebrates after narrowly winning the election you're watching al jazeera live from doha. fighting between lebanon's army and gunmen leaves 16 dead in the north of the country. activists in syria say government forces carried out more than 530 air attacks in two days. plus... >> i'm rob mcbride in the west of china with the wipe makers make -- wine makers making a
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splash on the world stage good to have you with us. we begin with brazil. president dilma rousseff has been re-elected for a second term, after a tightly forced rate. we go to the capital. >> she is known not for her charisma, but her fighting spirit. in the end it gave dilma rousseff the edge she needed to overcome fierce potential, enough to win the second term as leader of the south american nation. >> i do not believe honestly from the bottom of my heart that these elections divided the country. they have been driven by a shared feeling, a search for the
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better future for our country. >> she was aligned with the west, she joined add -- joined a guerilla group in her youth. she was referred to as an iron lady, rising to prominence. a period in which brazil's economy grew and poverty shrank. the economy slifelled during her term, and so to corruption scandals ping linked to her -- linked to her parties. her opponent aecio neves ran on a ticket for change, saying that he would modernize brazil without cutting social programs. ultimately dilma rousseff convince the enough country many
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that she is best suited to unite the economy. >> she has to give the middle class an country to look for the future and see a brighter future. it was the most aggressive and divisive campaign history. she nose her country men are more intollerant. before brazilians were happy with departmentures, now they want broadband. the president will be under more pressure to deliver. >> 0 soldiers and -- 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed after the arrest of an
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i.s.i.l. recruiter. dozens of families have been escorted from a town to prevent them being hurt. >> it's tense. the lebanese army surround the a sunni neighbourhood. there's a stand off of what the army called terrorist cells. outside of the area people wait for news from relatives inside. what is the reason? no one nose what is going on on the ground. all we ask for is that the government open up a passage, let the civilians couple out and do what they want. >> security is increased. army checks ambulances coming out of the area. there has been calls by religious figures to attack the military in retaliation for a raid. that started a stands off. the man arrested is one of i.s.i.l.'s main recruiters.
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syria's war has divided the country. many feeling the army sides with syria. sunnis see fighting between the opposition and those that support santa barbara. -- bashar al-assad. there is a tense fight. the army has positions a kilometre further up. this is a stand off, but many will tell you that the only way to end it is at the negotiating table. there has been calls for a ceasefire to allow civilians to leave the area. there is anger at the army. >> before the issue of i.s.i.l. we have been in gaol for even years, there was nothing called i.s.i.l. we are paying the price. we are against hezbollah and lebanon.
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regional tied to lebanon means what happens next door has an impact here. the message from the military after three days of fighting is that it will continue the security operation until it finishes director of global policy advisors, an adjunct professor at the university of maryland. >> northern maryland and tripoli has been fertile ground for recruitment. it has been forgot own and abandoned. in 2000 there were a number of battles between the leb nice army and militants. it's a recurring fep some na. we have an overlay of facts playing into it, what is happening in syria, and the regional competition between
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saudi arabia, and iranian. the sunni powerhouses are contributing to the instability in lebanon, and the ability of the sunni fundamentalist groups to recruit in northern lebanon forces attacked idlib from the south, east and west. there has been clashes between rebel and government forces on the outskirts of the city. there are reports that syrian soldiers are retreating. >> in della province, 16 people have been killed in a government air strike. the syrian government carried out more than 530 air attacks in two days. you may find some images in this report disturbing. >> a child caught up in the war in syria. this is a temporary hospital in homs. activists apresident bashar
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al-assad's forces killed dozens in the province, we can't identify the videos, women and children are among the victims. rebels say in addition to artillery fighter jets have been relentless, right groups recorded hundreds of attacks. there are reports of more attacks in rebel-held areas. the countryside of aleppo and homs have been affected. the syrian regime says it's targetting terrorists only. >> and after each hit, those still alive look for survivors under the rubble. this is reb 'em held. el -- reasonel held. here the ascertain for the missing continues. rebels con talliated by firing rockets. on the beach there is more
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despair. this family is burning part of a mattress to make bread. the situation is not better for those taking refuge. the surgery is far from over. >> we are forced to leave our homes, we came soaking shelter, there's -- sooking shelter, there's no understood for water. >> -- no food for water. what is the coalition going tore displace the children. >> more than 11 million people need help as the war drags on into another winter. this camp is hope. this, too, seems to be running out al jazeera demands the release of three journalists detained in egypt for 303 days.
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peter grestemohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera rejects the charges against them. chinese state media says the government is thinking about moving nine crimes from a list of offenses punishable by death. capital punishment applies to 55 offenses. a proposed argument could remove fraud, smuggling and prostitution from the list. china executed around 2,400 hast year. >> indonesia's president announced his knest. made up of technocrat expected to push through tough reforms. it includes politicians supporti supporting his rise to power. >> a court in south korea is hearing closing arguments in the case of 15 crew members of a
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ferry that sank, killing 300 people. they are accused of abandoning the sea waufl ferry. it was the worst maritime disaster in 20 years. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is in guinea where a deadly ebola outbreak began. she is touring the three worst-hit nations. she wants international support to combat the virus. >> you've got to overcome the fear and the stigma that are associated with ebola. i would say that we need prayers and medicine, solidarity and funny. >> the government of mali is doing what it can to detain the ebola vir you ares. the death of a -- virus. the death of a child sparked panic and neighbouring
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mauritania closed the border preparing to bury a 2-year-old girl who died of ebola. she travelled from a bus from guinea, with her grandmother, while showing frank symptoms of the disease. until now, mali had not been touched by the ebola matter. >> translation: the announcement of the fairest case of ebola hasn't been easy. the disease is knew for everyone in the wortd, not just the people here. >> the world health organisation warned that a little girl may have had high risk contact with many on her bus journey. her grandmother is being kept in isolation. one of 43 poem who have been identified and held for observe vags. vasion -- observation. >> people were not calm because of illness, but because we talk
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precautions. we have been able to keep the children home. there was a little fear and worry. although the person decide. thank god we know what precautions to is plate and make secure people. >> news of the first ebola case in mali prompted mauritania to close the border. the u.n. air lifted in supplies to deal with the problem more ahead on al jazeera. including anger on the streets of nigeria, as locals insist there's no ceasefire with boko haram and ukraine's president thanks voters for keeping his party in power, and says he'll build a coalition soon.
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welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera - brazil's president dilma rousseff narrowly wins a second term in office, receiving 51% of the vote. at least 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed in fighting in the lebanese town of tripoli. the violence sparked by the arrest of an alleged i.s.i.l. recruiter. 16 have been killed in a government air strike. activists say government forces carried out more than 530 air attacks in two case. days. votes are being counted in tunisia. in 2011 a revolution sparked uprisings across the middle east
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and north africa. monitors say voter tonne out hit 60% in a pole that was free and fair. there has been heavy security presence, but no violence reported. al jazeera's hashem ahelbarra sent this update from the tunisian capital. >> many political parties have hailed the elections as a milestone towards democracy. voter turn out reached 21%, quite significant, and there were concerns that voter turn out would be low, given the security concerns. stability and violence. it has, in fact, succeeded 2011, which was at 51%. now the centerist that tunisia calls is leading followed by another. we have to wait for the results of other party to be able to
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give a sense to - that the parties are likely to form a unity government. however, comes to power, we have to tackle the following issues or instability to the rise of armed groups, and the same time they had employment, tunisians have become disillusioned with the political process and parties. they say unless they see tangible results, something that affects their living standards, they will lose faith in tunisia's process. >> exit polls compete that president petro porashenko in ukraine has won in elections, but narrowly. he said coalition talks would begin on monday and take
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10 days. barnaby phillips reports from kiev. in the square where the uprising against former president viktor yanukovych began, all was quiet at the end of the voting. the signs are that the political landscape has been transformed and winning parties promising sweeping changes. >> i asked you to vote and i thank you that you heard and support this call. earlier the president travelled to the east, showing support for the army and commitment. in rebel controlled areas, millions of people did not vote and it's not clear how a government will convince or force the separatists to back down. although ukrainians give reform, they split votes among the parties.
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a delicate period is likely to follow. >> the parties that formed the new government says the election marks a break with old corrupt ways. >> a new coalition government will overcome powerful vested interests, and to provide the economy and bring peace to the east. political change came at a heavy price in ukraine. the winners of the election had the daunting task of ensuring the sacrifices from not in vain. >> a second person decide in palestine after a second person drove his car into a crowd. hundreds attended a funeral of someone who died, and a 3-month-old baby was killed. the driver was shot by police. >> canadian police say the
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gunman left behind a video recording suggesting that shooting was politic reply motivated. nathan cirillo was shot dead. the video made before the attack has not been released. >> a new governor took over in the mexican state of guerrero. the former government resigned under massive pressure. there has been weeks of protest, about to slow efforts to rescue the students. local politicians are not the only ones taking the heat. >> these are the faces of mexico's 43 missing students, a few dozen names to add to 8,000 that have gone missing sense peno nieto took office. >> in the bast year mexico has been hailed abroad for pursuing
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major reforms. as a case of the missing students highlights the ongoing drug violence, corruption and impunity. the shine is wearing off of pen yen yettos administration. many marchers say they live in a narco state, a place ruled by drug cartels. family members of the missing and the advocate says the president ignored them. he tours natural disaster zones, but is yet to visit the crime scene. or the parties. >> it's questionable and unacceptable that he has not met the 43 families, he nos that all families blame the federal and state government for being absent and how they have acted for many years. >> reporter: it's not that the president disappeared from the media, he appears on television in events like this, where he opens a cancer ward. he doesn't speak often about the missing student.
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when he does, they are brief remarks and he is yet to take a question from the press. >> he proclaims his leadership. >> translation: the federal government will work and clarify what happens and provide the full force of the law. >> this man was an intelligent official under the former president that launched a drug war in 2006. >> would you see that pena nieto's security policy failed. >> yes. because he doesn't really have a security policy. he has continually had one, albeit with better communication skills, improved coordination. it's the same policy. an unchanged mexico. one where large parts of the country are controlled by criminals, not authorities, one where people pay the highest price for government failures
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thousands of opposition protesters in haiti demand that elections should go ahead. police fired tear gas and water canon to break up a crowd of police marching. the elections are 3 years later. they were said to be taking place on sunday, but have been postponed because of a stalemate in relation to an electoral law. >> girls that escaped boko haram described the torture and abuse endured. it is part of a human rights watch report, coming after a ceasefire deal with the armed rebels. tensions are high. as reported from abuja, many are skeptical. >> people say this man raised suspicion when he refused to open his bag. he is an unfamiliar face in this
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part of abuja at a time when visitors are nervous. attacks in the north-east are going on, despite the government insisting a ceasefire is holding. >> we don't want that issue to happen. >> reporter: they aspect the man could be from boko haram, because he was carrying these. he says he's just a cattle hurter. the guns are to protect the animals. many don't believe the story. people are scared. they don't know why the man was in the nab or hood or why-- naib hood or why he was carrying the ammunition he was carrying. abuja was 500km from boko haram territory. there was an attack on a
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shopping mall in june. >> because of boko haram and other things, we are afraid. >> the government says a ceasefire was the main state of boko haram fighters. that they hold. officials say... >> you can't rule out people who are not happy with the ceasefire, to bring up vigilantes within the region, and some of them cause problems. you know, the main thing is that the federal government is committed to the ceasefire. >> many say they are serious about the ceasefire, but are on edge. some want the men captured killed. others of the police to question him. the challenge of getting him into a nearby car may have said his life china is not usually regarded as a win-producing
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nation, but an area in the west has been surprising wine konno sewers. >> this year's crop of merlot grapes is being harvested. renowned for quality grapes, this area is quickly gaining recognition for its wine. boutique wineries like this have been winning awards. thanks to wine makers. trained in france. she has brought some of that expertise back home. >> people are surprised that china can make drinkable wine. >> china has been making wine for years, just not very good wine. >> the problem is production. not enough is produced.
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little reaches formarkets -- foreign markets. it means of the perception is mostly, as they say in the trade, a little ughh. here they are out to change that. at a competition in beijing, wine experts gathered to sample offerings, a region that could become china's napa valley. >> the strategy is small boutique wineries. most have their own vine yards. they grow their own grapes and it helps to improve and put service on the quality. >> a cellar is ready for the winery's expansion. wine makers are conshet.
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we need to make good wine for our local areas. >> throughout the remote province, government initiatives and collaborations with wun makers are expanding production. >> these are vineyards, they are talking big vineyards. one is the size of a region. >> reporter: growing domestic demand will mean all the extra production will be eagerly consumed here, helping to enshower that this remains -- ensure that it remains china's closely guarded secret. >> an erupting volcano in rural hawaii may force dozens of people out of their homes. lava is moving at a rate of 19 to 13.5 meters per hour near a rural town. the volcano has been erupting
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continuously since 1983, but the current no, pictures you can see here, threatens pahoa -- parr hor, and it began in june. you can keep up to date with all the news on the website. it's a key economic issue that could cost the g.o.p. seats in the upcoming midterms. each in traditionally red states. it's the minimum wage. i'll show you how big a role it's playing. getting a mortgage with 3% down, that's what fanny and freddy say they'll do - haven't we been down this road before if you like apples, berries, and others, you can't have them without honey bees pollinating